The Narcissist DOO DOO Test - Video

As I have written in previous articles that are narcissists and psychopaths emotionally retarded. What you should be clear about is that it's not your job to take care of these people. The older these emotionally retarded individuals become more dangerous and demanding they become.
It is not your job to be nanny to these sick individuals. It is NOT your life's purpose and meaning to have these pesky, overgrown babies hanging in your skirts with their rude, disrespectful and abusive behavior - it is the responsibility of psychiatry; NOT yours.

You can not help these sick people. You should live your life - a good and meaningful life and not put more time and energy on parents, siblings, "friends" or potential partners who suffer from being emotionally retarded.

Down below there is a Video about how You know that You are dealing with a narcissistic individual - the doo doo test - when they are "shitting" all over You at some point. In the video You´ll learn what to do about it.

Deborah Englund 


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